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2016 Press Release
JAG Method leading the way in lead generation in Africa

In the rapidly developing world of digital marketing we need to continuously improve our methods and always innovate in order to stay at the forefront of lead generation in South Africa. This is the reason why we sent the JAG Method MD, Gidon Alter, and our head of affiliate marketing, Jay Samarov to LeadsCon in New York in August this year.

Alter and Samarov returned to the JAG Method offices with a wealth of new knowledge and inspiration and Alter shared some insights.

According to Alter the lead environment in the USA has experienced an immense amount of growth in pay per call marketing, as opposed to South Africa where we are still very much focused on the lead based online environment. “In the US they are effectively generating more and more leads through active in-call and pay-per-call campaigns. It makes sense for us too, with something like insurance it’s a natural sale. These top call methodologies form part of the fundamentals of lead nurturing and it’s something we at JAG Method have been incorporating into our methods for nearly 10 years.”

Alter says marketing automation such as drip marketing, and the technology that supports it, is becoming essential in lead generation globally. “Sometimes a call centre can’t get hold of someone who may have been interested in a product and this follow-up process needs to be automated. Artificially intelligent technology has been created that can follow up and nurture leads back into action. This lead generation pipeline needs to take a much more targeted approach and we need to automatically funnel leads, and nurture them, in a far more clever and strategic way. You can have a greater impact and your marketing is going to have a better return on investment if you understand and segment your data better,” he says.

Alter continues and says Africa is becoming more and more important in the global industry. “Businesses in the US, and even in Europe, that are seeing single digit growth are having to look at opportunities on the African continent that has historically produced double digit growth. The opportunities in South Africa are exciting because we are still seen as the entrance into the continent - partly because our financial services and call centres are better than most other places in Africa,” he says.

Other trends that are becoming more prevalent include neuroscience marketing, where it is said the way a user or customer is exposed to a brand will influence their likeliness to convert. According the Alter, this is where the value of storytelling comes in. In order to convey a product’s identity or human side in the messaging linked to the product you need quality storytelling.

By implementing these strategies and following his four P’s of lead generation: promptness, persistence, personalisation and performance, Alter is confident that JAG will not only remain one of Africa’s foremost lead generation companies, but lead the way in African lead generation.

What is LeadsCon?
Defining itself as the definitive conference for online lead generation and direct marketing, LeadsCon is considered by many in the industry as the most authoritative leads conference for corporates in the USA. Approximately 5,000 delegates took part in the conference, the majority of which came from the USA.

Moving forward with Michaela

Michaela Hogan joined JAG Method in July this year as business development manager and has already made her presence felt in her strive to grow and move forward. We found out more about her background and where she’s headed.

Michaela describes herself as an ambitious, driven and passionate entrepreneur who wants to achieve success in order to create change and leave a legacy for others to carry on. “I believe anything and everything is possible, am a problem solver and solution finder, I love the chase, the challenges and the feeling of success! I am extremely passionate about business, strategy, new business development and negotiations and how it all goes down behind the closed doors of various different types of businesses.”Determined to make her own money, she started working at the age of 13 in restaurants, before moving on to various positions such as promotions, receptionist, hostess and intern, while studying marketing. After her studies she worked as marketing coordinator at vida e caffé before starting her own company at the age of 27. As all entrepreneurs, there had to be at least one failure, and Michaela quickly realised this venture was not scalable, nor her passion, so she looked for new opportunities. This was when she joined MoveThisStuff, helping the company grow immeasurably during her time there.

Michaela came to know JAG Method during her time at MoveThisStuff and the next step was an easy one. “It just made sense to surround myself with likeminded people and successful entrepreneurs like those at JAG. I have so much to learn from all of them and that's what’s so exciting! JAG is still young and there is so much growth and opportunities who knows where the next chapter will take us?”

“My dream, vision and goals for JAG is to help grow this business into a multibillion dollar company, and to grow the brand and footprint globally. What does that look like? I don't know. I guess we will have to wait and see!”

Mandela Day 2016 - Making a difference!

Happy Mandela Day! How did you show your support for this incredible day? We devoted 67 minutes of our time to feeding the homeless and collecting blankets to support the 67blankets drive.

JAG Is Growing

The team at JAG Method is growing and we recently moved to new offices to accommodate not only the expanding team, but also create space for all the fun we have during working hours.

We work hard and smart and we have fun while doing it. While we keep a beady eye on live sales reports during the day, we’re never too busy for a bit of banter. Need to unwind between meetings? Take on the table tennis champ in our games’ room. Coffee snob? We’ve got you covered. Lunch? It’s on us.

Our regular knowledge sharing and upskilling sessions in the games room empower everyone to develop a better understanding of what their colleagues’ roles are in the big scheme of things. This understanding helps us to appreciate the challenges everyone faces each day and ultimately creates a greater sense of community and teamwork.

We’re super excited to make our new offices even more homely and can’t wait to see what’s next on the JAG horizon.

Being A Master Juggler. Mom And Businesswoman

Let me introduce myself, I am Adi and I have a few children. I founded the company Jagmethod which is my one baby, and I have two babies at home. How do I balance work and family? The truth is that I don't. Sometimes work gives, sometimes family gives. There is no magical formula to being a working mom. I have super heroes that I rely on at work and at home that I literally outsource my jobs to. I am constantly tired and constantly feeling guilty. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. All of my kids have their challenges and imperfections but I truly love each one of them.

Do I think being a working mom makes me better than stay at home moms? Hell no! I don't know how they do it. Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had. Being with kids all day, and the constant on-demand service is beyond exhausting. I love being around my kids but I love breaks from them too.

The kind of things I high five myself on a typical day

  • making it through the morning routine at home and getting to work
  • getting to have back to back meetings and feeling like I can still add value
  • getting a constant stream of hot coffees
  • managing to make dinner while semi playing with the kids
  • managing to stop some of the kids biting, hair pulling and ninja kicking
  • putting the kids to sleep and making it through the day before 9 pm

My definition of success has certainly changed, but I still celebrate the small wins.

The Importance of Data in Direct Marketing Campaigns

In order to run a successful acquisition campaign via any direct marketing channel, you need to find the balance between your Audience, Creative, Offer and Timing in order to generate the most effective results for your campaign.

Audience, being the first of these components was addressed to the team. Here we looked at the value and importance of having an ID number included in your data, as well as how much information can still be extracted, even with limited data available – digging deeper!

Top 10 Tips When Starting Your New Business

When we started JAG there were 3 of us in the business, but I was the only one working full time. I needed to find ways to keep busy, not an easy task when you don’t really know what the company is trying to achieve... But 5 months later, and JAG turned a profit for the first time and we had found plenty to keep busy on.

After two years there were only two of us in the office running a lean operation, outsourcing creative and IT but doing everything else. The business was simple and we had 5 main clients and not too many moving parts.

But inevitably, we found we needed to hire in order to keep growing and stay ahead of the market. The business became a lot more complex, but also more robust.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way:

1. Choose to partner with your competitors. You will never be all things to all companies, so collaborating means you can concentrate on what you are really good at.

2. Put in place accounting systems and practices as soon as possible. Knowing your numbers gives you clarity on where your business is. Also think about how you want to see your revenue and cost categories and set up the accounts to report that way. Think about the excel reports you use to monitor your business and set accounts to mirror those.

3. I.T. and systems: If your company is technical, have someone on exco or part of management that has an IT background. Otherwise when your company expands, systems will hold you back.

4. Expanding into new territories or internationally is not as easy as you think. We have tried in Brazil, Australia, the UAE, Croatia and USA, learned many lessons, but pretty much failed in all. It’s only now that we have expanded into Africa with partners on the ground that we are starting to make things work.

5. Try and have a balance of high level drivers as well as detailed operational people. Too many drivers will mean the ops fall behind and not having someone to drive the sales will mean you get stuck in the detail and don’t chase the opportunities.

6. Speak to as many people as you can. Meetings that you think will be a waste of time will often yield great opportunities. People will often have a whole different set of opportunities hidden in their back pocket.

7. Stick to your knitting. Expansion into areas that aren't your core focus are often going to draw all your focus away from the things that make your company tick.

8. You don't need to build everything in house. IT should only be focused on building and maintaining things that are core to the business. Buy or outsource the rest.

9. Always be measuring: Excel is your best marketing tool. Until you have fancy IT and can build Qlikview of course!

10. Hire good people and let them play to their strengths. Someone with ambition and ability can to do the job of multiple people which allows you to focus on your business. Partner and work with experts.

Lead Life Cycle

At JAG Method we continuously aim to empower and upskill each other through learning sessions as well as providing educational courses. The benefit of upskilling employees results in a more productive, motivated and happier team. It’s a win-win for both employees and the company.

We are experts in lead generation, digital strategy and online marketing solutions.

As the company’s business process manager, I took the team through a learning session to demonstrate the life cycle of a lead.

What happens when the lead enters our system?

The system receives the lead, extracts its details, validates, and forwards it to the correct campaign. The lead then goes through the distribution process phase, where campaign rules are calculated to send it to the correct client. Our client then decides to accept or reject the lead based on their campaign rules. A rejected lead will not get quoted because it did not meet the client’s criteria. In the event that the lead gets accepted by the client, it gets quoted with the possibility of becoming a sale.

With all this information, we are able to make informed business decisions that include optimising lead traffic sources and campaign rules.

Our COO, Lee Zuk's MBA Experience

I am lucky enough have the support of an amazingly loving and supportive family, an awesome company and colleagues, and really great friends. Without these I would never have been able to have received value out of what was one of the hardest, most overwhelming, intense, high pressured, and exhausting experiences of my life.

Completing my MBA gave me lifelong friends and skills I will be forever grateful for. It also gave me a new gratitude for the the support I have in my life and was a much needed reminder to never ever take that for granted.

That being said, completing my MBA gave me many more things for which I am grateful. It gave me a confidence in my ability to do more than what I imagined I could, a new understanding of endurance and how far we as people actually can be pushed and, ultimately, how much we limit ourselves. It gave me an understanding of how rewarding genuine hard work is and showed me that pushing through times you think you can’t go any further, is vital for growth.

I was lucky to experience how team diversity and team structure really creates huge value and offers the ideal platform for learning and being able to perform at your best – as a team and individually. I experienced the joy of gaining new knowledge and a quality education, and saw how information and the tools of learning really do empower us with the power of choice and the ability to look at situations from many different angles. I now understand the importance of sharing information and education. We do not all receive the same opportunities and I see how information, knowledge and the learning of new skills give people a powerful tool to have options and choices and to build and grow an environment.

I feel happiest that its over because I now get to enjoy the people and experiences in my life again with new eyes. Most importantly, I now have the opportunity to give back to my family, the company, my colleagues, and my friends by growing our industry and the economy of our beautiful country to make sure this experience doesn't go to waste.

Welcome Catharina!

Jag Method welcomes its newest member to our family. Introducing, Catharina (Cat) Robbertze, in the position of Content Manager. Her experience includes time as journalist at a community newspaper, a national weekly newspaper and a national magazine. After this, Cat continued her relationship with words and the outdoors as she travelled across Africa, Central Asia and Europe – handling communications on international cycling trips – before heading up media and content management at a trail running events company based in Cape Town and sub-editing for a Limpopo-based NPO.

She is passionate about Africa, words, the outdoors and healthy living and does not like negativity and despises grammar mistakes. "I’m truly excited to become a part of the JAG team and believe I will thrive in the positive environment they have created for their employees. I look forward to contributing to the improvement of our content offering to form a strategic part of the digital marketing service we provide."

Greg Secker Foundation - Inspired Youth Programme SA

Three weeks ago, I spoke to 400 young future South African leaders, 100 being private schooled and the remainder coming from our public school system. It is an initiative called Inspired Youth SA - with the subject of “The time is now!”.

It’s always nice to hear that people would think that I have the experience and skills to chat to SA’s future leaders and when I was approached my initial reaction was “awesome”.

Then I woke up the next day, filled with nerves. Thinking...

“Why me?” Here we are surrounded by much more famous people and qualified mentors. I thought about it, and I suppose, to the outside world, my persona is one of “this woman has her life in order!” However, I was TERRIFIED.

And then it got me thinking, “Am I enough?"

I then thought, when I was a young adult, what did I want to hear?
And you know what?

The theme hasn’t changed...

“Carpe Diem”, “seize the moment’ etc. etc.

And you think to yourself, all very good and well, but I (my family) don’t have the cash to allow me to study… or, although I tried my hardest, my grades aren’t enough.

But one thing stays the same right? You think, what if?

What if my parents had the cash?
What if I studied harder?
What if?

But, what if - NOTHING?

I asked the young crowd “Would you just say "forget it, I am not even going to try?"

The resounding feedback was “NO!" And due to the fact that they were all sitting in a school hall, on a Saturday, when they could be playing soccer or be with their friends, was an indication, that NO MATTER what their circumstances, they are going to give it a shot!

What I did that day, was be brutally honest. The youth see through fear, they see through adults standing on their podiums, dictating advice - they also however, can smell authenticity a mile away.

I recounted all my fears, and I told them my life story, my failures (there are many), success’s and a couple of life lessons.

The major take out for me, was that I was there that day to inspire them, but I walked away feeling inspired! Inspired about the future of South Africa and our future leaders. They are hungry, determined and ambitious. So with all this negativity in South Africa at the moment, I thought I would share my experience. In my opinion, the South African future is not only intact, but bright!

From a Proudly South African business!

To learn more about Inspired Youth SA - go to
Greg Secker Foundation - Inspired Youth Programme SA

Content Marketing – How To Make It Work For Your Business?

For a while now we have been hearing a lot of chatter about “Content Marketing” and working out how we can use this to grow business. However, the more we talk about it, it soon becomes apparent that there are a few misconceptions about what Content Marketing really is and how this can be used effectively within business.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Some considerations before you decide to hire a Content Strategist for your business:
1. Have a very clear understanding as to what your objective is. Will your focus be on acquisitions, cross-selling, up-selling, retention, etc.?
2. Determine which channels would be used to drive and support your content. What will the communication flow be? If/how can you leverage your existing channels (or open new ones if need be – social media is a good one) to support your content.
3. How this is going to be measured? Clearly define your measurables. This may need to be done on a per-channel basis and subject to what your objectives are.
4. Define your target market Whilst you can generate more generic content for websites to support the greater company strategy, if you switch to any direct marketing channels, you need to focus on segments within your market in order to be effective.

That final point brings us to your data – consumer data to be specific. Ever hear the term “Big Data”?

“Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying and information privacy.”

So, basically it’s about getting your data into a format where you can extract maximum value from it, within a secure environment.

Whether you are using this information for insight into product or service developments, or to understand who your customers are in order to communicate effectively with them, having your data in a workable format is vital if you want to run an effective content strategy.

After all, what is the point of generating the most amazing, thought-provoking content, if you are sending it to the completely wrong person…

Just a thought.

A Digital Strategy

It is clear in today’s day and age that having a strong digital presence is crucial for any brand – whether launching a new or an already existing business.
The stats:
1. Google: 3.5 billion searches per day
2. Facebook: daily active users 1.038 billion
3. Instagram: daily active users – more than 75 million

If you are not playing/engaging in this space – you are clearly sacrificing a large portion of your “would-be”/potential market.
Apart from the stats above – what makes a digital presence vital is the credibility associated with many digital platforms. It is essentially a space for a user to roam free without being feeling bombarded by brand agenda, as their search and their engagement on each platform determines what they are exposed to. Furthermore, the digital age drives self-education – allowing the consumer to research and understand a product before committing.

So let’s plant the seed of where brands should be investing their money.
Big players are spending large amounts of their marketing budget to increase brand awareness for PR value and google impressions. But why, may I ask, are we not spending this money to not only drive market relevance but sales too?
Enter lead generation – a model based on ROI while still covering the digital territory through content strategy, SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing.


Jag participated in the Deloitte 2015 Best Company to Work for survey, for the first time this year. We believe that the choice of Deloitte to change the survey from a traditional benchmark award, to a more inclusive internal process, speaks closely to who we are as a company. The results are judged and based on internal employee and employer responses. These are captured in various "dimensions" which ring true to our core values, such as job satisfaction, people values & culture, performance & recognition, fairness & equity, learning & development. We were proud when we were informed that we had received the gold star rating and are driven to ensure each and every person working at JAG is always part of a best company to work for.

Differentiation Through POPI Compliance

The marketing and lead generation landscape has drastically changed over the last decade. With the digital age and globalisation comes the advent of personal protection legislation. This is essential to protect data that is becoming increasingly easy to access, use and abuse.

The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI), for example, was promulgated to create a framework for the protection of personal information that is processed and/or published by private and public bodies. As such, POPI serves to safeguard the rights entrenched in the Bill of Rights, and it is up to South African businesses to toe the line in data security.

Although the Information Regulator has not yet been appointed, one digital solutions and lead generation company is ahead of the curve, already ensuring compliance. “At the core of all data protection law is a belief in the fundamental right to privacy,” says Lee Zuk, Operations Director at JAG Method. “This belief feeds JAG Methods ethos, informing our core commitment to the protection of all personal information.”

The company focusses on full compliance and the responsible use of all data processed, stored or shared. “We at JAG, ensure strict observance of all legislation, policies, regulations and industry body rules, both internally and externally. As a result, our staff and suppliers work in a coherent and sustainable environment, where they are fully aware of what is required of them – and the consequences of non-compliance.”

Through the lawful processing of information, JAG Method has increased the quality of its offering, differentiating it from those that are not yet compliant. “On one hand, these practices ensure that our leads trust us. They share their information with us with the knowledge that their fundamental rights are being protected,” concludes Zuk. “On the other hand, our business partners are confident that the leads shared with them have consented to being contacted - and actually want to hear from them.”

Justplay Spoils Two Lucky Winners With Volkswagen Up!s

Justplay, South Africa’s biggest competition website, recently delighted two lucky subscribers with the news that they had each won a Volkswagen up!


Peziwe Penelope Rakgetsi, who selected a Silver Volkswagen up! model, confirmed that she was ecstatic to learn that she had won one of the vehicles. “This is a dream come true to me as I’ve been praying and praying for a car. Thank you Justplay!”

2015 Press Release
How JAG’s lead system works

Our lead system allows us to effectively manage our lead volume while still maintaining the quality of leads sent to our clients. We achieve this by making use of the following mechanisms: Capping, Targets, Campaign Rules, Rule ratios and Restrictions. We are able to target leads for our clients based on information provided by the lead. In this way we can send clients leads within a certain age range or income bracket. We ensure that we honour all client requirements by employing a rules engine that processes leads in a round-robin fashion. Finally by applying ratios to the round-robin we are able to ensure that clients with higher targets receive their leads at the same rate as clients with smaller targets.

IT Team head to Summit East 2015
2015-12-14 was represented at the Affiliate Summit East 2015 that took place August 2-4, 2015 at the New York Marriott Marquis in the United States. Affiliate Summit (East and West) is the biggest event in the affiliate marketing field bringing together 1000s of participants (Networks, Advertisers, Publishers and Agencies) from all over the world., the leading Affiliate Network in South Africa, was therefore afforded the opportunity to interact with global industry peers and some of its international partners on how to best move the field forward by embracing current trends and setting up the ground for future trends